R Programming Hands-on Specialization for Data Science (Lv1)

An in-depth course on R language with real-world Data Science examples to supercharge your R data analysis skills

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R Programming Hands-on Specialization for Data Science (Lv1)

Setup and Use Development Environment for R

Install and Use Packages in R

Learn and use Atomic Data Types in R

Learn and apply advanced explicit/Implicit Coercioning in R

Learn multiple approaches to create vectors in R

Understand nuances and implications in Vector Coercions

Understand Vector indexing principles in R

Understand and leverage Vectors' flatness property

Understand Vector Labels and Attributes and their practical use-cases

Learn Matrices and multiple approaches for creation

Learn how Matrices Dimension Property works

Learn advanced techniques for Matrices Indexing

Learn Matrices Operations and Important Functions

Learn the amazing use-cases of Lists

Learn to leverage Lists' Recursive Nature

Learn multiple ways to create Lists (including from other data structures)

Learn critical nuances in Lists Indexing, Labels and Lists Properties

Learn multiple approaches to create Data Frames (including from other data structures)

Learn Data Frames sub-setting (beginner to advanced)

Learn how to impute missing values in Data Frames for efficient Data Analysis

Learn R Control Structures (Conditional statements and loops)

Learn to create and use R Functions

Understand Web Scraping Process

Learn R's Apply family of functions for advanced data manipulation

Learn Multiple ways to perform Web Scraping in R

Learn how to perform Data Munging, Cleansing and Transformation in R

Learn HTML and Document Object Model in the context of Web Scraping

Learn XPath Query Language for Web Scraping

Learn RSelenium setup and usage for advanced Web Scraping

Learn Regular Expression Functions in R for advanced analysis

Learn advanced Data Frames techniques for efficient data analysis

Learn how to perform statistical analysis and visualisation to derive insights in R